It's with great sadness we have decided to shut down.

Out of respect for you as our clients, staff, vendors and for some of you, our longtime friends, we feel we should share why we have made this difficult decision to shut down. Operating a food service business has been nothing short of challenging, and at many times heartbreaking, since the onset of the pandemic. We tried our best to keep the business going and in some respects maybe we continued further than we should have but we simply can’t continue to operate under the current conditions. The continued steep rise in both food and labor costs has driven margins to a breaking point with no relief in sight and the shift to remote work has hollowed out the market for corporate catering, which for us has always been a pillar of our success. Without the foundation of this corporate business, our event schedule lost the underlying consistency our operation was optimized towards, leading to large daily and weekly fluctuations in labor efficiency, ordering efficiency, spoilage and ultimately profit/loss. Continuing to operate has long become unsustainable. We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that our challenges are not unique and we feel deeply for all the other food service operators who are facing similar hardships. Bringing people together to share a meal is one of the oldest and most cherished rituals in our society, one that we’ve taken tremendous pride in being a part of for so many. But unfortunately, continuing to serve our community through the exceptional food and superior service you’ve come to expect from us has presented more challenges than we are able to overcome.

Lastly, as many of you know, we are a family business and operating a family business can be incredibly rewarding in many respects. We’ve created some of our most cherished moments together as a family at The Front Range Catering Co. However, while the highs of running a business are magnified when shared with family, so too are the lows. As we’ve attempted to navigate our business through an ever-changing and unending stress-inducing post-pandemic landscape, the highs have become too few and the lows have become too many. As painful as it is to close this chapter in our family, we are a family first and now is the time to begin the process of becoming simply a family again.